yugada [Spanish]

In Spain, a unit of land area, about 32.198 hectares (about 79.56 acres). link to a table showing relationships between Spanish units of agricultural land area From yugo, ‘yoke,’ referring to a team of two oxen. In concept, the yugada was originally the amount of land that could be plowed in one day by two oxen.

In the Spanish province of Valencia, about 2.49254 hectares. link to a table showing relationships between units of land area in Valencia


La yugada se compone de 50. fanegadas ó fanegas de tierra.

Don Vicente Martinez Gomez.
Manual de Comercio en que se halla La Description de las Monedas, Pesas y Medidas que se usan en los Reynos de España
Madrid: en la Imprenta de Don Benito Cano, 1795.
Page 11.

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