A proposed unit of luminous flux for the Y stimulus in the trichromatic color system.

Each new weighting function leads to a new concept and a new unit. But strangely enough, the units of the colorimetric case have never been named. For the luminous flux obtained when w(λ) =  y bar lambda and when radiant power is expressed in watts, we suggest the name young (Thomas Young, 1773-1829). For the corresponding unit associated with x bar lambda we suggest the munsell (Albert H. Munsell, 1858-1918); and for the unit associated with z bar lambda, we suggest the ostwald (Wilhelm Ostwald, 1853-1932).

Parry Moon and Domina Eberle Spencer.
Analytical Representation of Trichromatic Data.
Journal of the Optical Society of America. vol 35, no. 6, pages 399-427 (1945).
Page 410.

The English physicist Thomas Young predicted the existence of red, green and blue receptors in the human retina. He is remembered more often for the two-slit experiment that established the wave nature of light.

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