Wurf [German]

(Plural, Würfe). A unit of count in northern Europe, either 4 or 5, often applied to money. The word literally means “throw” or “cast.” Doursther speculates the unit originated in counting money, each small pile of coins being a Wurf. There is a similar term, jet, in France.


In Austria, 5 pieces. Used for money.

Doursther (1840), page 585.


In Denmark and Sweden, 4 pieces, a fifteenth of a schock or a twentieth of a wall. Also called a kast.

Doursther (1840), page 585.


In Nuremberg, = 5 pieces. Also called a Spießlein. In Nuremberg 4 pieces was a klupper or kluppet.

Jansen (1900), page xli. Doursther (1840), page 585.


In Thuringen, a unit of count for fruit (e.g., apples), = 4 pieces.

Jansen (1900), page xli.

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