In England, especially the north, 14th – 16th centuries, a unit of mass used for glass and lead, = 12 stone = 168 pounds av., or about 76.20 kilograms. Also spelled waugh, wal and wall.


Glass called Flemyche glasse the waw that ys to saye xl bunchys   xxvi s viii d.

Glass called Flemish glass, the waw, that is to say, 40 bunches    26 shillings 8 pence.

From a 1732 copy (British Museum Add. Roll, 16577) of a manuscript by T. Forgon, internally dated 15 July 1507, consisting of a list of customs duties on various articles, as reproduced as Appendix C in Norman Scott Brien Gras, The Early English Customs System, Cambridge (MA): Harvard University Press, 1918.

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