photo of a charette

In France, a unit of capacity; the amount that could be delivered in one trip by the type of horse-drawn cart called a charette. Used for coal, firewood, plaster, etc. The exception was the voie of charcoal; that was the amount a man could carry on his back.

Commodity Equivalent Magnitude
coal opens a new page containing a chart that shows relationships between this unit and other units in its system 1170.7 liters +
firewood 4 by 4 by 3½ old pied 1.9195 cubic meters¹
charcoal = 1 mine = 2 minots = 16 boisseaux. Also called a charge or sac   208.13 liters
plaster = 12 sacs = 24 stricken boisseaux 312.2 liters
ashlar or rubble   0.5563 cubic meters
dressed stone   0.51416 cubic meters

1. The Annuaire-almanach du commerce, de l'industrie, de la magistrature et de l'administration, etc., of 1887 (Paris: Firmin-Didot frères), says that the voie of Paris = ½ corde = 1.919526 cubic meters (page 2708).


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