A Mayan unit of land area, = 400 square kannes, estimated by Calderon at 0.954 hectares.

Hector M. Calderon
La Ciencia Matematica de los Mayas.
Mexico, D.F.: Editorial Orion, 1966.

In Central America, a unit of land area. = 20 kaan. The minimum amount of land needed to support a family, if maize were grown. The word also means “man.”

Daniel G. Brinton.
The Lineal Measures of the Semi-Civilized Nations of Mexico and Central America.
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society, vol. 18, no. 118 pages 194- 197 (March 1885).

Page 198.


Vinic medida de tierra, para labrar o labrada, de viente kaanes o estadales

Vinic a unit of land area, for plowing or cultivation. of 20 kaanes or estadales.

Antonio de Ciudad Real.
Calepino Maya de Motul.
Critical edition edited and annotated by René Acuña.
Mexico: Plaza y Valdes Editores, 2001.
Page 578. The Calepino Maya de Motul, a dictionary, was composed in Yucatan in the 16th and 17th centuries.

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