In France, a unit of length, 13th century – 19th century, but it is almost impossible to say what length it represents, because it varied so widely. In the 18th century Diderot takes it as a synonym for the English yard. In 1893 an author¹ describes it as a 52-pouce measure for holland cloth, and nine years later Bailly says that in Normandy it replaced the perch and is between 36 to 45 meters.

1. Alphonse Mauricet.
Des Anciennes mesures de capacité et de superficie dans les départements du Morbihan, du Finistère et des Côtes-du-Nord, valeur en poids, prix commun, valeur des terres, conversion en mesures métriques des mesures agraires, etc., pour le département du Morbihan, documents historiques,…
Vannes: impr. de Galles, 1893.


In the French Department of Moselle, a unit of land area used for gardens, at Herny 7.3 square meters and at Breidenbach and Limberg, 10.5 square meters.

François Gattey.
Tables de rapports des anciennes mesures agraires avec les nouvelles... 3rd edition.
Paris: Chez Michaud Frères, et chez l'auteur, 1812.

Reproduced in microfilm in the Goldsmiths'-Kress library of economic literature, no. 20423.


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