Convert between torrs and other major units of pressure

A unit of atmospheric pressure, = exactly ¹⁄₇₆₀ atmosphere = exactly ¹⁰¹³²⁵⁄₇₆₀ pascals or approximately 133.322 368 pascals. Symbol, Torr.

It is named for the Italian physicist Evangelista Torricelli (1608 – 1647).

To within 1 part per million, 1 torr is equal to the pressure of a column of mercury 1 millimeter high at Earth's surface. See conventional millimeter of mercury.

According to the current national standard in the United States¹, the torr is not to be used. The pascal should be used instead.

In 1971, the European Economic Community directed that use of this unit cease by 31 December 1977

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See Section 3.3.3.

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Prof. Gopal noted that the decline in use of the torr and mbar in favour of the SI unit pascal has taken about sixty years.

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