cogall, cowgall tonegall, [Scottish]

In Scotland, 13th century, a unit of mass for cheese, = 8 stones, about __ kilograms.



TONEGALL, a. A weight equal to 6 stones, referring in the Exchequer Rolls to cheese only.

David Donaldson.
Supplement to Jamieson's Scottish Dictionary.
Paisley: Alexander Gardner, 1887.
Page 242.

The Exchequer Rolls referred to are:

John Stuart and George Burnett, compilers.
Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, 1264-1469, 7 vols.
Series: Rotuli scaccarii regum Scotorum .
Edinburgh: 1878-1884.


Charter by King Alexander (the Second), granting and confirming to the church of St. Mary of Cambuskenneth and the canons serving God there, twenty "cowgall" of cheese, to be received each year from the farm of the King's land of Tulymurthac, by the hands of the sheriff of Stirling for the time, instead of twenty "cuddrinis" of cheese, which they used to receive from the bailiery of Stirling by the gift of King David, confirmed to the canons by the granter's ancestors: To be held by them in free and perpetual alms, as freely, peaceably, fully and honourably as any alms in the whole land was possessed by any religious persons. Dated at Stirling, 15th January, in the nineteenth year of the King's reign. [1232].

Registrum Monasterrii S. Marie de Cambuskenneth. A.D. 1147-1535.
Presented to Members of the Grampian Club by the Marquess of Bute.
Edinburgh: 1872.
English abstract from page 400. The Latin original is on page 316.


Allen D.C. Simpson.
Scots “Trone” weight: Preliminary observations on the origins of Scotland's early market weights.
Northern Studies, vol 29, pages 62-81 (1992).
Available online at


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