tomna [Maltese]

Plural, tmiem. From the Maltese word tmienja, “eight”. In Malta opens maps showing location of Malta, ? - 20ᵗʰ century (United Nations, 1966)¹ two units:


A unit of dry capacity for cereals, since 1921 = 0.5 imperial bushels (approximately 18.18 liters). link to a table of Maltese units of dry capacity In an earlier period, when Maltese units were influenced by those of Palermo, this unit was known as the tomolo (plural tomoli), which Doursther (1840) describes as 18.10 liters.


A unit of land area, = 6 siegħan, approximately 1,124.1 square meters (legally defined in 1921 as exactly 12,100 square feet, about 0.278 acre). link to a table of Maltese units of land area Originally a seed measure of land based on the unit of capacity above.

1. The entry for the tomna in the UN document is in error: a decimal point was dropped. The “5” in the “British” column should be “.5”. Apparently the metric column was calculated from the mistaken British value.

Where is Malta?


World map showing the location of Malta.