tomin [Spanish]


(Plural, tominos.) In Spain, at least as early as the 15ᵗʰ century – 19ᵗʰ century, a unit of mass used for precious metals, = 12 granos. Its multiples for gold differ from those for silver; see the chart: link to a table showing relationships between Spanish units of mass for precious metals For weighing gold, about 575 milligrams, for silver about 599 milligrams. Sometimes spelled tomine.

The word is from the Arabic, meaning “eighth part.” In gold measure, the tomin is an eighth of a castellano.


La perle si vendono in Cadix a once e a tomini e octo tomini fa in Vinegia once una.

Pearls are sold in Cadiz by the once and by the tomin, and 8 tominos make one Venetian once.

Chiarini, 1481.


In Bolivia, ? – 20ᵗʰ century, in the town of Independencia in the department of Cochabamba, a unit of liquid capacity, about 36 liters.

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