tokhoi when the cursor is over this symbol, the word is pronounced[Mongolian]

In Mongolia globe icon, 20th century , a unit of length, = 32 centimeters. chart symbol The word also means “elbow,” but the unit is too small to belong to the cubit family. It seems to have originated as a body-based unit, but the sources don't indicate from where to where. Possibly from the inside of the elbow to the shoulder, as other Mongolian units are based on the shoulder.

United Nations, 1966.


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X A map showing the location of Mongolia.

Where is Mongolia?

Folke Boberg.
Mongolian-English Dictionary, vol. 2.
Stockholm: Förlaget Filadelfia, 1954-55.

Page 984. He says the tokhoi  = 10 inches (35.8 cm).

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