some local values in France, 18ᵗʰ - 19ᵗʰ centuries

See also the main entry on the toise.

Almost all of these equivalencies are from France in the period during which the metric system was being introduced. The numbers of decimal places given for some of the equivalencies are quite fantastical, but we have quoted them as they were printed.

In some departments of France “toise” and “canne” were synonymous; in others they are very different units.

The notes in parentheses following an equivalent in meters indicate the source of the equivalence and the page number in that source. Later sources that duplicate an older one have not been given. G = Gattey; D = Doursther

Locale Name Equivalencies Length,
Department Canton, commun, cities
Aisne same as Paris
Aube same as Paris
Aude same as Paris
Bas-Rhin Strasbourg Klafter = 6 pieds de pays 1.7697 (G236)
Basses-Alpes same as Paris
Calvados same as Paris
Cantal Montmurat     1.991 (G119)
for surveying land toise de ville = 6½ pieds de Paris 2.111 (G119), 2.1115 (D525)
same as Paris
Charente Angoulême toise de Guyenne = 6 pieds de Guyenne 2.0787 (G121), 2.079
same as Paris
Côte d'Or     = 7 pieds, 6 pouces 2.4363 (G127)
same as Paris
Côtes-du-Nord     = 8 pieds de Paris 2.599 (G128), 2.5987 (D525)
same as Paris
Deux-Sèvres   toise marchande = 6 pieds 2 pouces 2.003 (G260)
  toise particuliere   2.030
same as Paris
Doubs Besançon toise de Besançon,
= 9 pieds de Besançon 2.8326 (G131), 2.832599 (D384)
  toise ancienne
de Bourgogne
= 9½ pieds anciens de Bourgogne 3.1417 (G131)
  toise le Comte = 7 pieds le Comte 2.5036 (G131), 2.5025 (D525)
  toise de roi = 6 pieds 1.9490 (G131)
Drôme   toise épiscopale   1.8491 (G132)
  toise delphinale = 6 pieds = 8 pans 2.04607 (G132), 2.0461 (D525)
same as Paris
Eure same as Paris
Forêts   toise de France   7.949 (G139)
  toise de Saint-Lambert   1.771 (G139)
Gard same as Paris
Gers same as Paris
Gironde same as Paris
Guyenne     = 6 pieds 2.0787 (D525)
Hautes-Alpes Ville-Vielle     1.0303 (G104)
Embrun, Chorges,
toise delphinale = 6 pieds = 6 pan 2.0007 (G104)
Grave, Monestier     1.9006 (G104)
Saint-Eusèbe, Saint-Firmin,
    2.0607 (G104)
elsewhere toise ordinaire = 6 pieds = 8 pans 1.9506 (G103), 2.001
Haute-Garonne same as Paris
Haute-Marne Chaumont toise de bailliage
de Chaumont
= 9 pieds
(each of 11 pouces)
2.6799 (G190)
same as Paris toise de roi    
Haut-Rhin     = 10 pied de Montbelliard 2.893 (G237)
Ille-et-Vilaine same as Paris
Indre-et-Loire same as Paris
Isère   toise de mandement,
toise épiscopale
  1.90393 (G160)
  toise delphinale = 6 pieds = 8 pans 2.04607 (G159), 2.0461 (D525)
same as Paris
Jura   toise le comte   2.506 (G164)
Léman same as Paris
    = 8 pieds de roi 2.599 (G167)
    = 8 pieds de Chambre 2.737 (G168)
Loire same as Paris
St. Etienne, Bourg-d'Argental,
le Chambon, Firminy, La Fouillouse,
  = 5½ pieds de Paris 1.7866 (G169), 2.506
Boeuf, Maclas   = 5¾ pieds de Paris 1.8678 (G169), 1.858
    2.5632 (G169)
Lozère same as Paris
Maine-et-Loire same as Paris
Marne same as Paris
Mayenne same as Paris
Meurthe Vic toise de Vic   2.7069 (G192)
Lorraine toise de Lorraine   2.8593 (G192), 1.7156 (D526)
same as Paris toise de France    
Mont-Blanc     = 8 pieds de chambre 2.715 (G204)
    = 7½ pieds de chambre 2.765 (G204)
    = 6 pieds de chambre 2.052 (G204)
Mont-Terrible Porentruy, Delemont,
Rheinach, Moutiers
    1.9490 (G205)
Courtelary     1.7866 (G205)
Montbéliard     2.8934 (G206)
Morbihan same as Paris
Moselle same as Paris
  toise de Lorraine = 6 pieds de Lorraine 1.7156 (G208)
  toise de Lorraine = 10 pieds de Lorraine 2.8592 (G208)
Nièvre same as Paris
Oise same as Paris
Pas-de-Calais   toise de comte   1.7866 (G227)
same as Paris
Rhône Villefranche toise de roi = 7½ pieds de Paris 2.4363 (G244)
Lyon toise de ville = 7½ pieds de ville 2.5688 (G243), 2.5687 (D526)
Saône-et-Loire Bourgogne toise de Bourgogne   2.444 (G248)
Metz toise de Lorraine = 6 pieds de Lorraine 1.7156 (D526)
Sambre-et-Meuse same as Paris toise de France    
    = 6 pieds de Namur 1.7686 (G245)
  toise de Saint-Hubert = 6 pieds 1.7681 (G245)
  toise de Saint-Lambert = 6 pieds de Liége 1.7507 (G245)
Sarthe same as Paris
Seine Paris     1.94904 (G250)
Seine Inférieure same as Paris      
Seine-et-Oise same as Paris      
Vosges Lorraine toise de Lorraine   2.859 (G276)
Ruppes toise de Ruppes   2.910 (G276)
same as Paris toise de Paris    
Yonne same as Paris toise de Paris    
  toise de Bourgogne = 7½ pieds 2.4363 (G277)

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