Compare thrave.

In Yorkshire, England, 18th century, 12 trusses of straw.



Threave, sb. twelve “loggins” of straw.

Loggin, sb. a truss of long straw.

William Humphrey Marshall.
The Rural Economy of Yorkshire, comprizing the Management of Landed Estates, and the present practice of husbandry in the Agricultural Districts of that County. Vol. 2.
London: 1788.


Threave, sb. 24 sheaves.

John Hutton.
A Tour to the Caves, in the environs of Ingleborough and Settle, in the West-Riding of Yorkshire, &c. in a letter to a friend. Second edition.
London: printed for Richardson and Urquhart, under the Royal Exchange; J. Robson, New Bond Street; and W. Pennington, Kendal, 1781.


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