teng [Burmese, တင်း]

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In Burma, ? – 20ᵗʰ century, a unit of capacity (“teng” can be translated as “basket”). Officially, one teng = 36.3 liters (approximately 2218.2 cubic inches). Regionally, however, it has various values:

Akyab = 23 pounds of rice
Bassein = 51 pounds of rice
Moulmein = 48 pounds of rice
Rangoon = 48 to 50 pounds of rice



2 ခွဲး khwai, or 16 ပြည် pyee, = 1 တင်း teng, commonly styled “Basket,” = 4493½ cub. inch. 160 lbs. av[oirdupois]. 2 Bushels.

Some of the above measures are abbreviated with numerals; thus 1 တင်း teng is written ဲ၁ … and so on with any other numeral.

Thomas Latter.
A Grammar of the Language of Burma.
Calcutta: Thacker & Co. and Ostell, Lepage and Co. 1845.
Page 172.


တင်း I, n. a tin, a measure of capacity equal to 16 pyees (ပြည်) or two khwè (ခဲ့း), about one bushel; before capital numerals အပြည်, as ..., &c., equals 4,493½ cubic inches, 160 lbs. avoirdupois, or 2 bushels, or 80 lbs. pure water avoirdupois.

Robert C. Stevenson, revised and enlarged by.
Judson's Burmese-English Dictionary.
Rangoon: Printed by the Superintendent, Government Printing, 1893.
Page 486.

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