[Dutch?] In the Dutch East Indies, a unit of capacity used for oil, = 17 kan, legally defined as 25.770 liters.

Encyclopaedie van Nederlansch-Indië. 2nd edition.
S. de Graaff and D. G. Stibbe, editors.
's-Gravenhage: Martinus Nijhoff, 1918.

Volume 2. Page 687.


[Malay] takar. A kind of earthenware vessel with a narrow neck (J. S. A. S., II., 146; Ht. Abd., 292, 303); sometimes used as a measure of capacity, Sh. Jur. Bud. [Sha'îr juragan budiman; Singapore], 10.

Wilkinson, 1901, page 152.

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