centimeter-gram-second electromagnetic
system of units

Symbol, emu. The units in this system are formed in a manner similar to that of the cgs electrostatic system of units: the unit of electric current was defined using the law that describes the force between current-carrying wires. To do this, the permeability of free space (the magnetic constant, relating the magnetic flux density in a vacuum to the strength of the external magnetic field), was set at 1.

To distinguish cgs electromagnetic units from units in the international system, they were sometimes given the prefix “ab-”.

abampere current
abcoulomb electric charge
abfarad capacitance
abhenry inductance
abmho electric conductance
abohm electric resistance
abvolt electric potential difference, electromotive force
gauss magnetic flux density
gilbert magnetic potential difference, magnetomotive force
maxwell magnetic flux
oersted magnetic field strength
stilb illuminance

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