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kilobit (information technology). 1024 bits. The officially-approved term is kibibit, with the symbol kib, but kb = 1024 bits is ubiquitous. Please see prefixes for binary multiples.


kilobase  (genomics): thousands of base pairs

kilobase (kb) 103 nucleotide pairs (double-stranded) or 103 nucleotides (single-stranded)”

David L. Hartl and Elizabeth W. Jones.
Genetics. An Analysis of Genes and Genomes. Fifth Edition.
Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bertlett, 2001.
Page 313.

“Complete sequencing of the centromeres of rice chromosomes 4 and 8 revealed that they consist of 59 kb and 69 kb of clustered CentO repeats respectively, ...”

International Rice Genome Sequencing Project.
The map-based sequence of the rice genome.
Nature, vol. 436, page 793 (11 August 2005).


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