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This is an index of international symbols for units, English abbreviations for units, and related acronyms. It does not include the symbols physicists use for quantities. For example, the symbol “A” for ampere is here, but the symbol “I” for electric current is not.

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° µ Ω ℧ ℔ Ʒ ℥ ℈ Å ″ ′

Some graphic symbols are available in many webfonts, but are not easily entered from the keyboard. If you need to enter a symbol that appears in the line above, select it, copy it and paste it in the search box. For example, you might copy and paste the greek letter mu, and add an “F” to make “µF”, the symbol for microfarad.


The arrows can be used to indicate superscripts and subscripts. For example,

H2O would be H↓2↑O

calIT would be cal↓IT↑.

Finally, some symbols for units are found in very few web fonts. A few of these are shown below as images (do not try to paste one in the search box!), with a short explanation. If the glyph appears as a character, your system DOES have a font with that glyph.

As an
As a
symbol  libra (Dutch)
symbol  libra (French)
symbol  libra (Italian)
symbol  libra (Flemish)
Lpound symbol lispund
Spound symbol skeppund
half ounce symbol 🝳 alchemical half ounce, the ounce symbol combined with the symbol for semis, half
half dram symbol 🝲 alchemical half dram, the dram symbol combined with the symbol for semis

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