supernova unit

A unit used in expressing the frequency with which supernova occur, late 20ᵗʰ century – present. One supernova unit is a rate of 1 supernova per century in a field of stars whose luminosity, measured in the B-band, is 100 billion times that of the sun. Symbol, SNu.

The B-band is a portion of the spectrum, in the blue, average wavelength 442 nm, defined by the Johnson-Morgan photometric system.¹

1. H. L. Johnson, and W. W. Morgan.
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* In the quotations the word “solar” has been substituted for the solar symbol, which is not available in most browsers' fonts.

These results confirm previous findings and make it possible to compute SN rates in the so-called SN units, i.e., 1 SNu = 1 SN (100 yr)−1(1010LB(*solar))−1. We remind the reader that SN rates expressed in SNu depend on the adopted distance scale, i.e. in our case they scale as (H/75)².

E. Cappellaro, M. Turatto, S. Benetti, D. Yu. Tsvetkov, O. S. Bartunov and I. N. Makarova.
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This allows us to estimate the intermediate redshift SN rate in SNu (1 SNu = 1 supernova per century per 10¹⁰ LB(solar*)).

Local estimates of the SN Ia rate are often expressed in the “supernova unit” (SNu), the number of SNe per century per 10¹⁰ solar luminosities in the rest-frame B-band.

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