A prefix identifying centimeter-gram-second electrostatic units, such as the

Especially used in the United States.



The second question relates to certain proposals as to nomenclature which are to be brought forward by Dr Kenelley. These are (A) that a systematic nomenclature should be agreed upon for magnetic units, and (B) that the prefix "Abs" should be used to indicate that a unit is given in the absolute C.G.S. electro-magnetic system, and "Abstat" to indicate that the unit in question is in the absolute C.G.S. electrostatic system.

Thus an “Abs” volt would be the C.G.S. electro-magnetic unit of E.M.F. and an “Abstat” volt the C.G.S. electrostatic unit of E.M.F.

The Committee disagree with Dr Kenelley's prefixes for the absolute electro-magnetic and absolute electrostatic systems of units, and express the opinion that no system of prefixes should be employed in which each prefix does not bear some definite numerical signification.

Thirty-First Report- Cambridge, 1904.
Reports of the Committee on Electrical Standards Appointed by the British Association for the Advancement of Science.
Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1913.
Page 650.

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