In England, 15ᵗʰth century, a unit of capacity used for figs and raisins, said to be half a hogshead. (French sortez?)

Eleanora Mary Carus-Wilson, editor.
The Overseas Trade of Bristol in the Later Middle Ages. 2nd ed.
New York: Barnes and Noble, 1968. (orig. ed. 1937).

Page 338: 3 pieces or 12 quarterns.


21 Oct [1480] From the ship of John Camachio called Sancta Maria of Cadiz

John Spynell', A[lien], 24 bales 10½ butts dates, 5 tuns 6 sorts large raisins, £78

4 Dec. From the ship of John Stephenis called Nicholus of Fowey

Vasco Fernandus, A[lien], 7 sorts figs and raisins, 1,500 oranges, 56s 8d.


3 Apr. From the ship of Fouse de Vase called Porte de St. Mary

Fournant Deanus, A[lien], 60,000 oranges, 400 lampreys, 6 pipes oil, 1 sort of figs and raisins, 6 sacks litmus, £44

H. S. Cobb, editor.
The Overseas Trade of London. Exchequer Customs Accounts 1480-1.
London Record Society, 1990.
Entry 12, page 4; entry 42, page 17; entry 112, page 34; respectively.


In England, a unit of count for balances, = 4 dozen balances.


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