skaal-pund, skålpund


In Sweden, 425.076 grams (about 0.959 pounds av.). chart symbol


In Norway, a unit of mass, since metrication 500 grams. Previously 498.1 grams.


In Denmark, ? – 1839, a unit of mass = 2 marks, about 499.6 grams. A statute of 31 March 1615 required the use of the Copenhagen pund throughout Denmark. The decrees of 1 May 1683 and 10 January 1698 defined the skålpund (probably the Copenhagen skålpund) as the weight of 1/62 cubic fot of water, which would be about 496 grams.

By the King's Order in Council, 20 August 1839, the pund = 500 grams. By this time the term “skålpund” had fallen out of use, in favor of pund.

(A Danish spelling reform replaced “å” with “aa”, so skålpund and skaalpund are the same unit.)

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