[Chinese. simp. 丝 / trad. ]

The word also means “thread” or “silk.” a ten-thousandth of Previously romanized as szu¹ and ssu.


A “prefix” indicating one ten-thousandth of certain units, for example sīmǐ, 丝 米 = 1/10,000 of a meter = 1/10 millimeter. (No SI prefix represents 1/10,000.) In addition to mǐ, it may precede kè and shēng.


In China, ? – 20th century, certain traditional units.

In traditional measure, one hundred thousandth of a tael.

In the 20th century, in the shì zhì system, = 0.5 milligrams. link to a chart showing relationships between Chinese units of mass in the shi zhi system.


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