selamim [Portuguese]

In Portugal, a unit of dry capacity, = 1/16 alqueire, about 0.433 liter (about 0.393 U.S. dry quart). chart symbol A detailed variation by locality within Portugal chart symbol



Selamim, s. m. a dry measure answering to our peck, and not much different from it in quantity.

Anthony Vieyra.
A Dictionary of the Portuguese and English Languages.
A new edition, by J. Dias do Canto.
London: Printed for J. Collingwoood, et al, 1827.


SELAMÍM, s. masc. A decimaseista parte do alqueire, medida de grãos, farinhas, etc.

Antonio de Moraes Silva.
Diccionario da Lingua Portugueza. Vol 2.
4th ed, rev by Theotonio José de Oliveira Velho.
Lisbon: Impressão Regis, 1831.
Identical entry in the 1789 edition.

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