A unit of mass in the apothecaries' weight system in the English-speaking world, 18ᵗʰ – 20ᵗʰ century, = 20 grains = ¹⁄₃ drachm or dram, exactly 1.295 978 2 grams. link to a table showing relationships between units in apothecaries' weight In the United Kingdom, use of the scruple in trade ended on January 1, 1971

The symbol for the scruple is , which is very ancient, appearing in manuscripts of the Roman era. It is sometimes followed by an S, which stands for the Latin semis, half. So ℈ S is half a scruple.

1. Weights and Measures Act, 1963, a prohibition specifically reaffirmed in the Weights and Measures Acts of 1976 and 1985.


A unit of liquid capacity in British apothecaries' measure, about 1.184 milliliters. link to a chart showing relationships between units in British apothecaries’ measure

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