Schock [German]

In German-speaking Europe, at least as early as the 13ᵗʰ century–19ᵗʰ centuries, a unit of count, = 60. link to a chart showing relationships between terms used to indicate numbers of items. See the chart for the names given this unit in neighboring areas.

A Großschock = 64 pieces.


[Barrel staves] are sold by the standard mille, or thousand, of 1200, or ten standard hundreds of 120 pieces. … Prepared staves are reckoned in some parts of the Continent by the schock. Thus a long thousand of staves usually consists of 20 schock, each of 60 pipe staves; for hogshead and barrel staves the long thousand consists respectively of 30 and 40 schock, and for pipe, hogshead, and barrel headings, of 40, 60 and 80 schock.

Simmonds (1892), page 359.

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