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In India, ? – 19ᵗʰ century,

Sáṛhe, H. &c. ( , S[anskrit]. Sárddha, from , with, and , a half), Sáde, and Sáṛe, Beng. ( ), Sáda, or Sáṛa, Mar. ( , pl. ) A half of a unit in addition to any given number above two, whether applied to number, weight, or value ; as Sárhe-tín, three and a half, Sárhepanch-man, five mans and a half, Sáṛhe-panch-rupaiya, five rupees and a half, or five rupees eight anas : the fraction must have reference to the unit in a decimal ratio : Sáṛhe-nau-rupaiya would be nine rupees eight anas, but Sáṛhe-das-rupaiya will be fifteen rupees ; so Sáṛhe-tinsau, will be 350, Sáṛhe-tin-hazár, 3500, Sáṛhe-tin-lákh, 350,000, the half being that of the respective unit.

H. H. Wilson, 1855, page 469.

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