sana lamjel

In the kingdom of Manipur this link goes to a new page, since 1972 a state in India, a unit of length established around 33 c. e. by the ruler, Nongda Lairen Pakhangpa, equal to the distance from the floor to the tips of the fingers of his raised right hand while standing, plus 4 fingerwidths.

This unit became the basis of units of land area. An area 50 sana lamjel by 60 sana lamjel was 1 pari. 1 pari = 2 lourak = 4 sangam = 8 loukhai = 16 loushal = 32 tong.

The unit was modified in the reign of King Khagemba (1597 – 1652), becoming the distance between the fingertips of that king's outstretched arms (the conceptual fathom), plus 4 fingerwidths of the king.

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