In Egypt, 20th century (UN 1966), a unit of area, = ¹⁄₂₄ qīrāṭ, approximately 7.293 square meters (approximately 8.722 square yards). Also romanized as sahme. Amery notes the unit in the Sudan A map showing the location of Sudan., in the 19th century.

H[arald] F[rançois] S[aphir] Amery.
English-Arabic Vocabulary for the Use of Officials of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, compiled in the Intelligence Department of the Egyptian Army.
Cairo: Al-Mokattam Printing Office, 1905.

Page 429.


In Austria and Hungary, 19th century, a unit of capacity used for charcoal, = 2 stuebich = 4 metzen, approximately 245.98 liters.

Doursther, page 475.


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