ruttee or ratti


In Pakistan, ? – 20th century, a unit of mass, approximately 0.1215 grams (approximately 1.875 grains). chart symbol


In India, ? – 19th century,

Ratí, commonly, Ruttee, ( ,  ,  ), S. ( ) The seed of the Abrus precatorius, used as the basis of weights for gold, silver, and drugs : the seed varies, but from various trials appears to average about 1 5/16ths of a grain : the artificial weight has been found to average nearly 2¼ grains, being one-eighth of a másha, rated at 17.708 grains. As the másha in use, however, averages but about 15½ grains, the eighth, or one Ratí, will weigh rather less than 2 grains, or 1.938. Jervis makes it 1.953. The term is also applied sometimes, as in Midnapur, to an estate or landed property.

H. H. Wilson, 1855, page 440.


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