In Saudi Arabia, 20ᵗʰ century, a unit of mass, 9.344 kilograms (approximately 20.6 pounds).


In Sudan opens map showing location of Sudan, 20ᵗʰ century, a unit of capacity, = 8.25 liters.

The FAO's publication Technical Conversion Factors… does not give an equivalent in liters for the ruba. However, it does say an ardeb of sorghum weighed 146.00 kilograms, and a ruba of sorghum 6.10 kg, which suggests the ruba is ¹⁄₂₄ of an ardeb.¹ Since the standard ardeb is given as 195.00 liters, the ruba would be 8¼ liters. Sorghum (Dura) is the only commodity shown as being measured in ruba.

In the Sudan, ? – 19ᵗʰ century, a ruba of dates was about 10 pounds.² Thirty rubas was a camel load.

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In Iraq, ? — 20ᵗʰ century, a unit of mass, local value about 496 grams. Baghdad, 19ᵗʰ century opens a new page containing a chart that shows relationships between this unit and other units in its system

Where is Sudan?

A map showing the location of Sudan.

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