[Hebrew: רוטל ; Arabic رِطْل ]

A type of raṭl.



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[Farsi] In Iran globe icon, 20th century, approximately 463.9 grams (approximately 1.023 pounds avoirdupois). Doursther listed it (spelled ratel or ratele) in 19th century Persia as = 50 dirhems = 100 miscals, about 464.88 g.


photo of rottel weight

A ¹⁄₆ rottel scale weight in use in present-day Israel prior to 1948.

© Eitan Ferman. Courtesy Mr. Ferman.

The rottel, with this spelling as opposed to raṭl, was apparently in use in Palestine in the early 20th century. We are still trying to sort this out. See rottolo.


In Tunisia, the rottel attari, a unit of mass, about 54 grams.

Technical Conversion Factors…, 1972, page 326.

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