In Thailand, a unit of distance, = 4 kilometers (about 2.485 miles). link to a table showing relationships between Thai units of length


Et cent sen, c'est à dire cent cordes font une de leurs lieuës, qui revient à deux mille brasses. Ils appellent leur lieuë róë neng, c'est à dire, un cent, veut dire cent, & neng veut dire un. Ainsi les Italiens disent un mille.

And a hundred sen, which is to say a hundred ropes make one of their lieues, which is equal to two thousand brasses. They call their lieue, róë neng, that is, a hundred. Róë means hundred, and neng means one. The Italians speak of a mile in the same way.

[Simon] de La Loubère.
Du Royaume de Siam. Tome Second.
Amsterdam: Abraham Wolfgang, 1691.
Page 48.

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