This entry does not include terms containing quarter as an adjective, such as quartersection, quarter hour, quarter note, and so on.


In Britain and many other English-speaking areas, a unit of mass, = 28 pounds, one fourth of a hundredweight.


In Britain, ? – 1985, a unit of capacity = 8 bushels, probably originally one fourth of a wey, which was about the capacity of a medieval wagon.  In any case, the quarter long survived the wey. After the act establishing imperial measure in 1824, = 8 imperial bushels, about 10.275 cubic feet (about 290.9 liters). The Weights and Measures Act of 1985 made the quarter no longer legal in trade. chart symbol Abbr., “qr.”.ยน

1. Nesbit (1869), page 276;


In the United States, a school term approximately 12 weeks long, one fourth of an academic year.


In the United States, a quarter dollar, = 25 cents.


In the United States,


Before 15th century – present, a unit of length = a quarter of a yard. In the United States, this unit survives mainly in the language of quilters, especially in the term “fat quarter,” a piece of fabric the width it was woven and somewhat more than a fourth of a yard long, i.e., cut generously.


A unit of capacity for spirits, a fourth of a butt, pipe or puncheon. Roughly speaking:

Spirit in
in U.S. gallons
(wine gallons)
brandy 136 36
port 132 35
sherry 126 33
whisky 127 34

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