In Trinidad, 19ᵗʰ century, a unit of land area, about 12,978.32 square meters.


The measures [sic] used in surveying in Trinidad is the quarée, containing 18526¼ [square] varas of Castile, or 3 and 1-5th English acres; consequently 100 quarée are equal to 320 acres.

The side of a square of a quarée, or 3 and 1-5th English acres, is equal to 373 8-11ths English feet; 408¾ Spanish ditto; 350 French ditto; or 136 and 1-10th Spanish varas.

Robert Montgomery Martin.
History of the Colonies of the British Empire in the West Indies, South America, North America, Asia...
London: W. H. Allen & Co. and George Routledge, 1843.
Page 32.

Note that the square of 136.1 is 18523.21, not 18526.25, while the square of 136.2 is 18550.44. Probably the 136.1 is the rounded-off value, and the 18526.25 is exact.

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