pyeong [Korean 평 坪]

In Korea, ? – 20ᵗʰ century, various pre-metric units, all discarded by law in 1961 with the adoption of the metric system. Also romanized as pyung or pyong. The symbol, in contexts where roman letters are used, is py.


A unit of area, = 6 cheok × 6 cheok, approximately 3.3058 square meters (3.954 square yards).

It was used for tiles, but in recent years by far the most common use was to describe the sizes of apartments. When the size of an apartment was quoted in pyeong, the figure included the apartment's share of common areas, such as corridors. The sil-pyeong (“real pyeong”) gave the floor area of the apartment itself.

The pyeong was specifically banned in 1983. In July 2007 the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy criminalized the use of the pyeong, with severe penalties.

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A unit of volume used for firewood, 2 cheok × 6 cheok × 6 cheok, (approximately 2.0035 cubic meters).

United Nations, 1966.


A unit of volume used for gravel, 6 cubic cheok (approximately 6.01 cubic meters).

United Nations, 1966.

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