In France, 14ᵗʰ – 18ᵗʰ centuries, an extremely small unit of mass = ¹⁄₂₄ grain, about 2.213 milligrams. Also called a carobe.

Doursther, page 442.


In Prussia and other German-speaking areas, a unit of length used in mines, = ¹⁄₈₀₀ Lachter (also called a Berglachter or Bergwerklachter) = ¹⁄₁₀ Lachterzoll = 10 Secondes. Also called a Peine. In Prussia, about 2.615 mm. In Saxony, about 2.47 mm.

The prime was made obsolete by a purely decimal division of the Lachter.


Two measures of capacity:


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