pollegada [Portuguese]

In Portugal, a unit of length, 2.75 centimeters (about 1.08 inch). Abbreviation, polleg. The pollegada is ¹⁄₁₂ of a . If one takes the as 0.33 meter, the pollegada is 2.75 centimeters. If one takes the as ¹⁄₃ meter, the pollegada is 2.777.. centimeters, which is often reported as its value. The 2.75 figure is the official one. link to a chart showing relationships between Portuguese units of length

Compare the Spanish pulgada.

Mappas das Medidas do Novo Systema Legal comparadas com as Antigas nos Diversos Concelhos do Reino e Ilhas.
Lisbon: Imprensa Nacional, 1868.
Page 298.

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