In typesetting, 1735 to present, a unit of length used to describe the size of type, both the physical object and the printed characters. In the United States, 0.013 837 inch (72 points = 0.996″) or about 0.351 459 8 millimeter. For its history see type. In the 1980's the authors of desktop publishing computer software redefined the point, rounding it off to be exactly ¹⁄₇₂ of an inch, 0.352 777 8 millimeter.


A unit of mass in the diamond trade, 1/100th of a carat, exactly 2 milligrams (provided the carat is the metric carat).


A unit of length used to measure the thickness of paper or cardboard, particularly cover stock, = 0.001 inch. The covers of paperbound books are typically 10-pt., sometimes 12-pt.


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