See also jacktam.

In Ghana, ? – 21st century, the length of a piece of cloth offered for sale in the market, especially wax print cloth = either 12 or 6 yards.



[Page 39] 8). Üblicherweise werden Waxprints entweder als ‘full piece’ von zwölf Yards Länge oder als ‘half piece’ entsprechend sechs Yards lang, verkauft.

[footnote, page 66] 17 Ein ‘piece’ kann im Sprachgebrauch entweder ein ‘full piece’ oder ‘half piece’ (mit der jeweils handelsüblichen Abgabemenge von zwölf beziehungsweise sechs Yards Länge) bedeuten.

8) Customarily wax prints are sold either as a “full piece” of twelve yards long or as a “half piece” equal to six yards long.

17. In ordinary speech “piece” can either mean a “full piece” or a “half piece” (with in each case the delivery, as usual in the trade, of twelve or as the case may be six yards long.)

Gabriele Gerlich.
Waxprints im Soziokulturellen Kontext Ghanas.
Arbeitspapiere Nr. 64.
Institut für Ethnologie und Afrikastudien, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität, Mainz. 2004.


Unfortunately we do not know what length a "piece" is in the market. However, for Vlisco a piece can be 6 yards (5.49 meter), 4 yards (3.66 meter) or 2 yards (1.83 meter)

Vlisco, personal communication. 28 September 2016. Vlisco has manufactured cloth for the West African market for 170 years, and is the premiere maker of the "veritable wax hollandais".

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