In Bolivia, ? – 20ᵗʰ century, various units of mass:

Department Town Mass
in kilograms
Cochabamba Aiquile 57.50 maize
46.00 flour
104.00 muku (salivated flour used to make a type of chicha)
Capinota 100.28 potatoes, ocas
Mizque 59.80 grain
Tarata 100.28 potatoes
Potosi Arampampa 100.20 potatoes
Colquechaca 78.20 potatoes
Sacaca 100.00 potatoes
Uyuni 49.68 potatoes
Oruro Challapata 52.90 potatoes
48.30 maize
64.40 chuño
Huanuni 96.60 potatoes, naturally-dehydrated potatoes (papalizas)

[Bolivia] Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganaderia y Colonizacion. Dirección General de Economia Rural.
Resumen General de Medidas típicas de la República de Bolivia.
Corrected and revised by the Departamento de Muestreos y Padrones.
[La Paz]: Departamento de Muestreos y Padrones, 1956.

Page 23, 31 and 35. (Page numbering is not continuous.)


In Argentina, various units of mass:

The old pesada of Entre Rios, for dry hides, = 40 libras; for salted hides, = 75 libras.

The pesada of Jujuy this link goes to a new page province= 20 libras. It was also called an arroba.

In Buenos Aires, the pesada for small hides, = 18 libras.

Juan Alvarez.
Temas de Historia Economica Argentina.

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