pana [Sanskrit, Bengali]

In India, ? – 19ᵗʰ century,

Pan, Pun, H. ( ), Pana, S. ( ), Beng. ( ) A sum of eighty kauri shells, equal to twenty gandas, and of which sixteen are equal to a káhan ; whence a Pana is sometimes used, as in Cuttack, for the sixteenth of any given unit, as of the amount of rent or revenue. In Sylhet four Panas make one raík : it is also a measure of land equal to a square of 3¾ cubits : the same word becoming Panam in Tam[il] and Mal[ayalam] ( ) signifies money, also a small coin, both of silver and gold, transformed, by European pronunciation, to Fanam…

H. H. Wilson, 1855, page 393.

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