See also: palm, palmo, pan.


In France, ? – 19th centuries, a unit of length = 1/8 canne, about 24.8 to 25 centimeters, varying by locality.

The law of 15 Brumaire an IX made it permissible to refer to the decimeter as a palme. By the middle of the 19th century, use of the palme was forbidden.

In the interior of France, the pan took the place of the palme.


In various European nations, ? – 19th century, a unit of length used for measuring the circumference of round pieces of wood, mainly ships' masts. It was ¹⁄₃ the local version of the foot.

Location Value,
Altona in Holstein 95.498
Amsterdam 94.3688
Bergen, Norway 88.6338
Hamburg 95.4968
Riga (= ¼ ) 68.5208

Doursther, pages 373-375.


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