In Benin, 20ᵗʰ century, two units of capacity, one slightly larger than the other. Source 1 gives the common otoka as about 2.115 liters, and the “otoka paysan”, at about 2.333 liters. Source 2 takes into account the extra amount, the brassée, sometimes given by the seller. The smaller otoka, without brassée is 2 liters; with one brassée, 2.5 liters; with 2 brassées, 2.62 liters. The larger otoka is 3 liters without brassée; with one brassée, 3.2 liters; with 2 brassées, 3.88 liters.

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Guide: Saisie des donnees prix a partir des fiches de travail des enqueteurs de l'observatoire de l'ONASA
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Access by entering the paper number in the searchbox at www.runetwork.de/html/en/ Preliminary estimates of units in local markets are given in a spreadsheet accessed through the link UM.xls in Further Documents. Retrieved 31 December 2007.

2. Republic of Benin, Ministere de L'Agriculture de L'Elevage et de la Peche.
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