In Istria, 16th century, a wine measure, about @ liters.

Doursther reports the name in use in Illyria:

Locale   Liters
Trieste   56.60
the old measure 65.66
orna of oil= 5½ caffisi  
Fiume   53.90

L'orna de vin de Cavo d'Istria sono sechii 6 a la sua mesura e a mesure da Venesia sono sechii 5 lire 1.

The orna of wine of Istria is 6 sechii by their measure and according to the measure of Venice, 5 sechii 1 lire.

Bartolommeo di Pasi.
Tariffa de' pesi e mesure con gratia et privilegio.
Venice: 1503.
As quoted in Edler, page 197.


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