ordlach [Irish]

In Ireland, before the 17th century – ?, a unit of length, = ¹⁄₁₂ troigid =  3 grains of wheat. chart symbol


.i. tri graindi i norlach, ceithri orlaighi i mbais, teora basa i troghid, da troigid dec i fertaig, da fertaigh dec i forraigh, da forraig dec i tir cumaile dia fot, se foirrge dia lethet, ma beith ina toimsib techtaib. 

That is, three grains are in an ordlach, four ordlach in a bas, three bas in a troigid, twelve troigid in a fertaig, twelve fertaig in a forrach, twelve forrach in a tir-cumhail, 6 forrach in its breadth, if it be of lawful dimensions.

Commissioners for Publishing the Ancient Laws and Institutes of Ireland.
Ancient Laws of Ireland. Volume III.
Senchus mor (conclusion) being the Corus Bescna, or Customary Law, and the Book of Aicill.

Dublin: Alexander Thom, 1873.
Pages 334-337. From the Book of Aicill.



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