onza [Spanish]

Like so many names of units, the onza derives from the Latin uncia.

For the Portuguese unit, see onça.


A unit of mass in Spain and South America, 20th century:

Chile A map showing the location of Chile., Cuba, Guatemala, Nicaragua, 
Peru, and Spain link to a table showing relationships between Spanish units of mass
approximately 28.750 grams (UN 1966)
Colombia = ¹⁄₁₆ libra = 31.25 grams (UN 1966)
Costa Rica

[Costa Rica. Ministerio de formento.]
Medidas y pesas del sistema métrico, y tablas de equivalencia con las antiguas.
San José de Costa Rica: Imprenta nacional, 1885.

= 28.7539 grams. The apothecary's onza was identical.


Dominican Republic = 1 ounce avoirdupois, approximately 28.35 grams (UN 1966)
Honduras (and see definition 2) 28.755 grams  (UN 1966)
Paraguay approximately 28.688 grams (UN 1966)
Mexico 28.775 grams (UN 1966)


In Spain, the onza also appears in apothecaries' weight, = ¹⁄₁₂ libra, about 28.8 grams. link to a chart showing relationships between units in Spanish apothecaries' weight


In Valencia, Spain, a unit of length = ¹⁄₁₂ pie = 1¹⁄₃ dedo.

Doursther, page 369.


In Spain, a unit of liquid capacity used for oil, = ¼ panilla, about 31.4 milliliters, weighing 28¾ grams.

In Galicia, Spain, it was a unit of liquid capacity for wine, = ¹⁄₁₃₆₀ cañada = ¹⁄₂₀ quartillo, about 29 milliliters.

Doursther, page 370.


In Honduras, a unit of liquid capacity, approximately 28.8 milliliters.


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