Primarily in the United Kingdom, 20ᵗʰ century, a dimensionless unit of reactivity, = ¹/₁₀₀. Usually encountered as millinile (1/1000 of a nile).


From United States Patent 4735767, issued 5 April 1988

A hollow ball-like shutdown element of graphite without openings other than the pores of the graphite, was filled with gadolinium aluminum isopropoxide. This gadolinium compound at a temperature of 80° C. has a sufficient vapor pressure for reactor shutdown when used in a piled ball reactor. The gadolinium compound in vapor form traverses the pores of the graphite into the free primary coolant spaces of the reactor core and is absorbed on the surfaces of the fuel element balls. Tests were made of the shutdown element at a temperature of 80° C. to 500° C. and with a one-hour test at 300° C., an average of 1.5 mg of gadolinium was deposited per fuel element ball. This corresponded to a reactivity reduction in the reactor core of about 23 nile.

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