muri [Nepali मुरी]


In Nepal, ? – 21st century, a unit of capacity = 20 pathi, about 87.2 liters. But see below for the muri as a unit of mass. (If the pathi = the imperial gallon, as Nepal reported to the United Nations in the mid-20ᵗʰ century, the muri was about 90.92 liters.)

Like the bushel and other capacity units used for agricultural commodities, in time the muri has tended to become a unit of mass. The ambiguity between capacity and mass is evident in the definition in a 2003 glossary:

weight measurement for cereals contained in a sack approximately 4 feet tall and 1 foot in diameter; approx 64 kg (one muri is equivalent to 20 pathis

That the muri is still being used as a unit of capacity is shown by researchers' giving various masses for the muri, as the table shows. As a unit of mass, the muri is conventionally 72 kilograms (about 160 pounds).

Also romanized as murhi and moori.

Mass of 1 muri of various grains
Commodity Sources
Note 2
Note 3
Note 4
paddy 52.5 50
rice 50 68.6
millet 63.31 62 67.3
maize 72.7 68
wheat 63.2 68 67.3
grams 66
barley 67.3

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Footnote, page 148.

The value given for the muri in Ruth Laila Schmidt's A Practical Dictionary of Modern Nepali, “a measure of weight equal to 2 paathii or approximately 16 pounds” (page 528) appears to be in error through the accidental omission of a zero. It would be very helpful if someone in Nepal would find, date and measure some old 1-muri sacks, and report the results.


The muri mato is a unit of land area in the Terai of Nepal, = 4 dhur, about 65.56 square meters.



...and 60 muri of land which amounted to 82,140 square feet...

Tanka Bahadur Subba.
Politics of Culture: A Study of Three Kirata Communities in the Eastern Himalayas.
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Page 33.


1 muri = 0.013 ha

Rice Almanac 2002.

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